Doors and Rooms 5-5 Walkthrough

The kingdom chapter 5 doors and rooms 5-5 walkthrough to find observatory room puzzle door room and solve with cheat guide

level 5 help answer :
tap on the telescope to see stars, focus on red stars it will make some numbers : 6479
click on the left drawer and enter the star code, get the item inside and dismantle it to see zodiac symbols

find these paper note :
click on the book at desk, get a paper #1 and observe it to see a compass directions : N60.W112, N45.W105, N37.W90 and N45.W75.
click the chair seat do discover a paper note #2 with another directions : S4.W37, S15.W30 and S30.W45.
click on the ladder for paper #3 and observe for directions : N5.E30, N0.E45, N15.E52
click on the knight’s helmet on the left to get paper #4, observe it to see the directions

look on the left wall to the telescope, it’s a zodiac and star shape
on the left wall there’s a world map, use the note #1 – #4 directions to get a star shape and translate them into zodiac sign

click on the treasure box near knight on right side
place the zodiac sign that you got the answer from the world map : Aquarius, Aries, Libra, Taurus
get a secret book inside, use it on the bookshelf on right to discover a secret exit door

of course you need to play the puzzle first
moon puzzle door solution :
Ex 2^2 = tap second up arrow twice

press these spot :
1^2 – 2^2 – 3^3 – 4^2
2>3 – 2^1 – 1>3 – 2^3
4^2 – 3^2 – 1>3 – 3^2
1>2 – 3^1 – 1>1 – 3^3
4^3 – 1>3 – 4^2 – 1>1
4^2 – 1>3 – 4^1 – 1>2
exit doors & rooms stage 5-5

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