Doors and Rooms 5-1 Walkthrough

doors and rooms 5-1 walkthrough, chapter 5: the kingdom stage 1
To open door in the shield room you must solve the puzzle on the door, but first let’s destroy the wood and start the puzzle with key hidden in this room

level 1 help answer :
click the sword and spiky ball on top right near knight armor, select the sword to cut the rug to get a paper note that hint to play piano later
use the sword on the darker plank wood on the floor to get a wooden stick

select and use spiky ball from inventory to the wooden box near drawer for axe piece
open drawer under jewelry box to get a tap faucet, use it on the barrel on the left
click it to find a dancing ballerina from the bottom

near the barrel get a club key from the wooden box and use it to open the treasure chest, then place the ballerina
get the key
use this key to open the piano, and start play the piano puzzle
observe the musical note sheet from inventory
from the piano key note, it’s 1 start from the left to the right
so press these tune key : 1 6 4 2 4 1
you will get a key to start the puzzle on the door if you play the correct note

combine a wooden stick with axe head together and use it to break the door wood
use the key on the door

to solve door puzzle stage 1 you must change the position from 3 pieces on the left to the right, and the right to the left
doors & rooms door puzzle stage 5-1 solution :
move the piece on
Left – Right – Right
Left – Left – Left
Right – Right – Right
Left – Left – Left
Right – Right – Left

exit Doors and Rooms level 5-1 the kingdom

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