100 Rooms Level 34 Walkthrough

100 Rooms Level 34 Walkthrough

this door is locked with a lock, find a key from the well, find some item and combine it together for this stage !

100 rooms room 34 solution
pick up the screwdriver handle on the door handle
go to the left room and zoom in the chair to pick up the screwdriver tip near piece of wood
combine the screwdriver handle + tip

now from door go to the right and zoom in the wooden project
and take a saw handle on the shelf
use the screwdriver on the wooden project to take some screws

go to the right, to see room with well
pick up a sawblade on the left side of well (zoom in)
and pick up a handle on the right side of well

combine the sawblade + handle + screws
and use the screwdriver to complete the combination

back to the room with woodenboard from left to the door
use the saw to cut the wooden board from the table
combine the wood that you just cut with the handle

go to room with well and put the wood + handle on the top of the well
press the rope on the floor (right to the well)
and press the handle to move the rope to the top
get a key from the bucket
use it to open the door !

move on to the next stage :D

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