100 Rooms Level 27 Walkthrough

100 Rooms Level 27 Walkthrough

there’s no door in this room ? and what about the panel ? i think we must solve it first to pass this stage

100 rooms room 27 solution :
go to room with window, zoom in and get a small knife tool
use it on the first room, you will break the wallpaper and see the door

look for room with toolbox, find a key in there
notice there’s a red button on the right

go to the panel near door, open it with the key
a jigsaw puzzle ! connect the pipe together
and next press the red button on room with toolbox

you will get a sawblade
go to room with poster there’s a chainsaw and a handsaw in the middle
combine the handsaw with the sawblade together
now use it to break the door open :)

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2 Responses to 100 Rooms Level 27 Walkthrough

  1. babe9688

    i have no door on level 27 just a blank wall is this normal

  2. Nyss

    It is. You have to use the exacto knife to carve out a doorway on the wall by the puzzle, then use the handsaw to “open” it.

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