100 Rooms Level 26 Walkthrough

100 Rooms Level 26 Walkthrough

find some items to break the door code on this stage

100 rooms room 26 solution
Even this level is not particular hard, but includes a small problem.. first, we need to solve different objects.

Right to the door we find a google. Now we go to the right room. Using the google click on the water and you’ll be zoomed in. Now you can look into it and find a chest at the bottom right, take what you need.
Now we go to the opposite side and then to the left bush and find a key.
Open the chest with the key and you have a number :
7 = 3, 1 = 5, 6 = 9 and 3 = 4
hint : 7 = 4 (from 7 = 3 and 3 = 4).

Now we go to the room with fire stone, grab the big spoon on the left use it on water
then use it on the fire stone, where the steam will go through the window

Click the window and see all the code “571863”.
Remember from the list on the chest.
The answer to level 26 now reads “545894”
now you can pass the door :)

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  1. TC

    The English on this site is appalling. Change ‘google’ to ‘goggles’.

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