100 Rooms Level 2 Walkthrough

100 Rooms Level 2 Walkthrough

the door is locked with padlock ! look for items to open it

hint : Search for 2 items in this room :)

room 2 solution :
i think this level is bugged because after you found 2 items the door suddenly unlocked -.- ?
update : now the game is updated (you need to download the new one)

find 3 items :
look on the room with window, behind the curtains
look on the flower pot for
look on the shelves for the handle

combine this 3 items then use it to open the door

answer :

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4 Responses to 100 Rooms Level 2 Walkthrough

  1. Roni

    There are 3 peices that I found, two peices of a hacksaw, and a wooden peg, however I can’t get the door to open.

    • Roni

      ok you combine all three to get out of the room…peg blade and support Peg on the shelves, blade in the flower pot on the wardrobe and frame on the window blind.

  2. jewmak

    I found 3 items an still can’t open door. Help. It didn’t open by its self

  3. charlie

    Yeah, the door doesn’t open. Any solutions yet?

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