100 Rooms Level 19 Walkthrough

100 Rooms Level 19 Walkthrough

there are 6 animals on the door :
bison, kangaroo, snake, penguins, rhino, panda

you need to click the right order to open the door

hint : there are several maps :
on the door (africa)
on the roof (south pole)
room with map (america)
globe (australia)
red carpet (china)
room with ESWN code (europe / asia)

the code on the table is
E (East), ↓ (down arrow), S (South), W (West), ↑ (Up), N (North)

that’s the order to click, you only need to find out what animals lives on each map !

100 rooms room 19 solution :
click bison, rhinoceros, kangaroo, panda, penguin, snake

answer :

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4 Responses to 100 Rooms Level 19 Walkthrough

  1. FlipC

    But if we treat North as the Door then the instructions are N.America; China; Australia; Europe; Antarctica, and Africa.

    Which means it should be Bison, Panda, Kangaroo, Snake, Penguin, and Rhino.

    The ‘correct’ order seems to make no sense given the directions.

  2. jim

    the door is actually south america

  3. JoeC

    The carpet is AFRICA (rhino). Above the door is SOUTH AMERICA (snake) in reverse. The map above the code shows CHINA (panda) in white. The rest are essentially correct: globe=AUSTRALIA (kangaroo), ceiling=ANTARCTICA (penguin), map=NORTH AMERICA (bison).

  4. MrG

    I agree with FlipC… The actual order that opens the door doesn’t make sense…
    It seems to me that this game is “rigged” so that all of us need to come online to this “walkthrough” and generate ad revenue? Yes, I am this cynical.. But I will retract if someone offers some logic as to the order of animals.. And yes, hope I’m wrong…

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