100 Rooms Level 16 Walkthrough

100 Rooms Level 16 Walkthrough

There’s a round combination lock with numbers on the door, you can turn left and right for the number
if you can open the safe then the door will open

hint :
right room
stopwatch on chair pointing 40
black clock with both arrow pointing 6

middle room
a ruler on table with red number : 60

left room
paper on the board : 50 to 0 ?

100 rooms room 16 solution :
left 50 right 0
right 40 left 0
left 60 right 0
right 40

answer :

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5 Responses to 100 Rooms Level 16 Walkthrough

  1. ben

    The inner part of the stopwatch on the chair looks like the lock on the door. Not sure if its relevant

  2. jm

    The clock is saying 6:30. 30 Is the last number that opens the door

  3. Tiger

    Clock says 6:30, paper 50, stopwatch 40, ruler 60. Why solution is 50 40 60 40 ???

  4. Pratt

    That clock isn’t saying 6:30!!! The little hand is still on/closer to the 6 than it is the 7, hence making it 5:30!

    • Confused

      Im not sure where you people learnt to read clocks but that clock does not read 6:30 (or 5:30 for that matter). At 6:30 the hour hand is halfway between 6 and 7, not on the 6. The time shown on the clock is invalid (you can never have both hands pointing to the 6), so rather than a time it must be a direction (directly down).

      the picture on the paper (50) is rolling anticlockwise, the stopwatch on the seat (40) operates clockwise, the “ruler” (60) shows the degrees from vertical anticlockwise, the wall clock shows directly down (40) in a clockwise direction.

      the order of the objects is dictated by following the arrow on the lock until you reach an object. upon reaching an object you then change directions to find the next available object (passing over any objects already recorded) until you run out of objects.

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