100 Rooms Level 15 Walkthrough

100 Rooms Level 15 Walkthrough

there’s a + sign above the door, watch the wall colors !
there are also some mini sculpture, like a chess piece ? black and white
on other room there are 3 red bucket with different water color white grey and black

the hint :
for the door codes it’s on the room with buckets : white grey black, you need to have a total of each item with these colors :)
the grey hint is on the door room where red cross which may mean addition

100 rooms room 15 solution :
There are a total of 22 white items in 2 rooms and 16 black items in 2 rooms.
grey = 22+16 : 38

the wall of the door is white, grey (white+black) and black
so we have white grey black = 22 38 16

enter 22 38 16 and the door will open !

thanks guys for the help :D

answer :

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5 Responses to 100 Rooms Level 15 Walkthrough

  1. kanika

    22 38 16

  2. kanika

    There are 11 items including the table bucket and wall that are white so double that its 22. There are 19 black items including the same items plus stripes on wall doubled is 38. And gray count the stripes on the wall the paint bucket and the strip where the door is you get 16

  3. abc

    how did u knw that we have to double the amounts?
    and the number of white items on the table itself already exceeds 11?

  4. ChUlZi

    There 22 white items in the room. and 16 black item in the room.

    the wall of the door is white, grey(white+black the hint is also with the buckets and the red cross which may mean addition) and black.

    so we get like 22 38 (22+16) 16

  5. François

    Lol thanx for doing math guys, its 22 then R then 38 then R again and then 16 and the door should open for you.

    \m/_ (o_O) _ \m/

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